In order to assure profitability, a business needs to employ the best people possible in terms of attitude, aptitude and education. Success requires people who can work together to meet common goals. And, their first goal is to provide a marketable product or service for less cost than expenses. Statistically, finding the best employee requires a large pool of candidates.

For example, if one selects the best from a population of 10, a good employee may be found, but if one searches a population of 10,000, the best will certainly be “world class”, the best-of-the-best. To maximize the size of the pool, a business must search for the best without concern for candidates’ ancestry, religious affiliation, or need for a wheel chair for personal mobility.

The only concern should be to maximize the pool to increase the probability of finding the very best employee possible. When building a competitive workforce, a business must focus its attention on the abilities of the potential employee, and on nothing else.