About Us

Headquartered in Northern Virginia, TriTek has invented and patented the next generation of computer-controlled optical microscopy products. While others adapt currently available microscopy equipment to an application, our staff works to gain an in-depth understanding of a particular application, then designs a video microscopy solution optimized for that application.

This freedom from design constraints allows TriTek to offer our customers the most productive solutions possible. Our commitment to quality and manufacturability inspires our expert team of engineers and programmers to advance the state of the art in the design of our products and is reestablishing the United States as the premier provider of optical microscopes.

Founded in 1992, TriTek has grown significantly through the invention of new products and by adapting our modular technology to meet the unique demands of existing customer tooling. This growth reflects our high-quality products, as well as the special attention we put towards responding to our customers’ challenging needs.

Senior Executives

Rex A. Hoover President, Chief Scientist

Rex developed his expertise through 34 years of work in high-technology fields before co-founding the TriTek Corporation. His career started in the U.S. Navy where he specialized in electronics and nuclear reactor operations for 7 years. For the next 25 years, he excelled in several fields while working for the IBM Corporation.

While at IBM, he helped define the scanning electron microscope industry with his work with Oliver Wells, introduced a radically new chip design philosophy for VLSI (Very Large Scale Integrated) circuit chips, and managed a failure analysis laboratory with state-of-the-art inspection equipment. At Trilok, he oversees all business operations and electronic design and implementation.

Robert G. Hoover V.P. of Software Engineering and Mechanical Design  With 7 years of programming experience, Robert established himself as an efficient and superb software designer before co-founding the TriTek Corporation in 1992.

His first major commercial product was the operating software for the 1993 version of the PC-Scope™ where he achieved world-class productivity as the principal programmer. At TriTek, he heads the software division and oversees mechanical design and implementation.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Mary Washington College.

Patricia M. Hoover Secretary/Treasurer, Applications Director With 8 years of experience working as a laboratory specialist for the IBM Corporation, Patricia excelled in microelectronic structure analysis before co-founding the TriTek Corporation in 1992.

Her techniques for applying optical and transmission electron microscopes to this analysis helped define the IBM failure analysis industry. At TriTek, she oversees application development and product review.

Patricia has a degree of Associate in Applied Science in Medical Laboratory Technology from the State University of New York.

Angie M. Cook V.P. of Marketing & Sales, Chief Financial Officer
Angie worked in sales for 5 years and small business management for 8 years before joining the TriTek Corporation in 1998. She achieved exemplary ratings in previous companies for sales effort and office process optimization.

Angie holds a Technical Degree in Chiropractic Technician and Office Management from the Palmer College of Chiropractic.