About Us

The TriTek Corporation is a Virginia-based small business specializing in solving today’s technological challenges with beyond-state-of-the-art robotic designs and unrivaled enthusiasm. Our primary strength is our ability to solve complex industry problems with robust, cost-effective products. Since 1992, we have grown significantly by adapting our modular technology to meet the unique demands of our customers.

While others adapt currently available microscopy equipment to an application, our staff works to gain an in-depth understanding of a particular application and then designs a proprietary video microscopy solution optimized for that application. This freedom from design constraints allows TriTek to offer our customers solutions that can dramatically increase productivity.

Our post-sales support has earned us the reputation of one of the hardest-working companies in the world. And, our commitment to quality and manufacturability is reestablishing the United States as the premier provider of robotic optical microscopes.

Whether you need a computer-controlled microscope designed for your unique application, or a product designed for you to market exclusively under your label, we stand ready to help you overcome your greatest challenges with our custom-engineered modular technology and proprietary software.