Design portfolio

The TriTek Corporation has established itself as a world leader in robotic optical microscopy systems. TriTek has designed and delivered products for many different applications, ranging from hazardous material inspection to automatic material positioning/alignment.

PC-Scope is the world’s first fully-integrated computer-controlled robotic microscope and the foundation of all TriTek’s products

AutoComet compound microscope with epi-fluorescence illumination for automatic quantification of genetic damage detected by the comet assay

ComScore software utility for quantifying genetic damage detected by the comet assay (single-cell gel electrophoresis)

crystal zoom microscope with proprietary illumination channel for automatic image acquisition of protein crystallization experiments

CrystalLIMS companion software for the CrystalPro that facilitates laboratory data management

Large Panel Inspection Tool zoom microscope fitted with a gantry-style stage to inspect 18″ x 18″ semiconductor panels from above and beside

stereo zoom microscope fitted with radiation-hardened glass to allow inspection inside a radioactive environment of 108 RADs

Telepathology Microscope compound microscope at the heart of a complete telemedicine system offering remote viewing/control of the microscope to facilitate remote diagnosis.

Semiconductor Training Program is a complete program designed for the Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center to train people with disabilities to enter the high-tech semiconductor industry with multiple zoom microscopes allowing manual alignment of semiconductor screening materials expanded zoom microscope fitted with micro-manipulators to automatically align semiconductor screening materials with 3µm accuracy over 300mm.

Colony Counter zoom microscope optimized for counting and classifying bacteria colonies.